The Houston Rockets Make History By Breaking the 3-point Record

It’s always best to address the elephant in the room, which in this case would be Game 7 of the 2018 Western Conference showdown.

In this game, the Houston Rockets missed 27 3-point shots in a row. Yikes. They actually made history that night, setting a playoff record for the greatest number of missed consecutive 3-point shots. Brick after brick after brick, at their home court, led to a Warriors road win and they ultimately won the entire series.

In a glorious 149-113 win over the Phoenix Suns, the Rockets set a new record of 3-point shots made with 27 buckets. They broke the NBA single game record of 26 that they set earlier this season. Is a win over the Phoenix Suns front page news? Maybe not, however, seeing the Rockets playing on all cylinders is encouraging.

Now that the team’s regular season is coming to an end, a congratulations is in order. Not only did the team clinch a playoff spot, they won their division, and James Harden as reigning MVP is having another MVP caliber season. The cherry on this basketball sundae is that though they sit comfortably near the top of the Western Conference standings, so in all likelihood, the matchup that everyone is waiting for, Rockets/Warriors is closer to becoming a reality.