The Houston Texans Fall to the Philadelphia Eagles 32-30

In the words of the great but not late Quincy Jones’ classic sung by the furrowed brow King James Ingram, “I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough…” This song applies directly to the Texans 32-30 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Sadly, Deshaun Watson who had a pretty fantastic game, completing 29 of 40 passes for a total of 339 yards and 2 touchdowns gets to sing the solo on this song. Watson, for the first time in his short but impactful career, also ran for 2 touchdowns.

“He’s just got incredible instincts. He sees things well, he hangs in there,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said. “The football field for him is heaven on Earth … I think the ball in his hands is the best thing for our offense and for our football team, no doubt about it.”

Now the Texans defense surely gets to belt out the chorus, “Just once can’t we figure out what we keep doing wrong? Why we never last for very long. What are we doing wrong? Just once can’t we find a way to finally make it right?” That’s simply because the Texans defense disappeared in the second half, allowing for an unnecessary amount of unanswered points. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles took full advantage of the early Christmas gift of 471 yards above the heads of Texans defense that they left clear and open for him to cover. Coverages and tackles were missed and the Eagles soared into a victory.

O’Brien went on to say, “I think that all of these games, virtually every one that we’ve been in this year has come down to the last two or three minutes of the game. Sometimes we’ve been on top of those games and today we weren’t. Give [Philly] their team, their coaching staff a lot of credit. They did a better job than we did overall. They made more plays.”

Watson surely tried his best and when the Texans running game failed to start, he took matters into his own hands, keeping the team within striking distance. This loss cost them the No. 2 seed in the AFC playoffs and a playoff bye. However, the team sees this as another hurdle that they intend to clear on the way to their larger goal.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, who had three tackles and a tackle for loss, put it as plainly as he could, saying “We just have to go out there and win next week. We can’t worry about anything else. We wanted to win today and we didn’t, so now we have to go out there next week and win.”

“We have a mentally tough team, we do, we have a mentally tough team,” O’Brien explained to media after the game. “Look, at the end of the day, it is a long season; we are a 10 and 5 football team. We didn’t do enough today, Philly did more. We have to get back and regroup and get ready for Jacksonville.”

The Texans faced the Jacksonville Jaguars at home and won. This win came largely in part to Watson’s rushing game. This means that the Texans have earned their 5th division title for the franchise. They will now face the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday for the AFC wild-card round playoff game. They will play this game at home playoff at NRG stadium, and most importantly, they will be able to sing a new song.