The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 21

A New Day For A New Way and A New Life

     1. The first heaven and the first earth passed away; v.1a

     2. No more sea v.1b (important for transportation of evil)

     3. The new Jerusalem dressed for her husband; v.2

     4. A message from a great voice v.3

     5. Emotional trials disbanded and pains passed away; v.4

     6. God guarantees a new day and a new joy for the Church; v.5

     7. A free supply of water from The First and The Last; v.6

     8. Everything given to the overcomers; v.7

     9. The reward of the unbeliever. v.8

    10. An angel gives John a holy tour of the Bride’s place; vv.9,10

    11. John’s view of the Holy Jerusalem

  • Has the glory of God; v.11a
  • Her light was like a jasper; v.11b
  • A high wall of standard; v.12a
  • Twelve gates and twelve names; vv.12b,13
  • Names of the 12 Apostles inscribed on the wall v.14
  • The golden measuring rod; v.15
  • Jerusalem – A four square city; vv.16,17
  • A city of rich and regal beauty; vv.18-21
  • No physical church building or temple there; v.22
  • The Lamb is the light v.23
  • Only holy traffic in the New Jerusalem; vv.24,26
  • No security systems needed; v.25
  • Righteous standard ONLY for admissions; v.27