The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 13

I. Beast of the sea. 13:1-2

A. The beast worshipped vv.3,4

B. The beast speaks vv.5,6

C. Names not in the Lamb’s book worship the beast. v.8

D. A word of warning from the Lord. vv. 9,10

II. Beast of the earth v.11

A. Power like the first beast v.12

B. Does miracles with fire to deceive vv. 13,14

C. Image of the beast given life v.15

D. The mark of the beast vv. 16,17

E. The number of the beast v. 18

Revelation Chapter 14

III. The Lamb and 144,000 14:1

A. Voices and music in heaven 14:2,3

B. Virgin followers of the lamb vv. 4,5

C. Angel preached everlasting gospel vv. 6,7

  • Four forms of gospel
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom
  • The Gospel of the grace of God
  • The everlasting gospel
  • Paul’s “My gospel”

IV. Fall of Babylon announced v.8

V. The doom of beast worshippers announced. vv. 9-12

VI. Saints rest from their fight against the beast. v.13

VII. The Vision of Armageddon vv. 14-20

A. The white cloud rider v.14

B. First angel announces harvest time. v.15

C. The earth reaped v.16

D. Second angel appeared for the reaping v.17

E. Third angel appeared from the altar to reap vv.18-20