The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 15

I. The Prelude to the Plagues

     A. Another sign in heaven v.1

     B. Victory celebration on a sea of glass v.2; 4:6

     C. The victory song vv.3,4

     D. The open temple and seven angels vv.5,6

     E. Seven vials of wrath v.7

     F. The glory of God fills the temple. v.8

Revelation Chapter 16

II. The Vials of the Wrath of God upon the Earth

     A. The voice of instruction from the temple v.1

     B. The 1st vial upon the earth v.2

          1. sore on men with mark

     C. The 2nd vial upon the sea v.3

          1. water became as blood of a dead man

     D. The 3rd vial upon the rivers v.4

          1. waters become blood

     E. Angel of waters speak vv.5,6

     F. Angel of the altar speaks v.7

     G. The 4th vial upon the sun vv.8,9

           1. scorching heat

     H. The 5th vial upon the seat of the beast vv.10,11

           1. kingdom becomes dark and painful

      I. The 6th vial upon Euphrates River

          1. water dried up; v.12

      J. Another Pause vv.13-16

          1. three unclean spirits as frogs v.13

          2. spirits of devils working miracles v.14

          3. coming as a thief v.15

          4. The great gathering v.16

     K. The 7th vial into the air v.17

          1. earthquakes and sounds of troubling v.18

          2. Babylon and great cities fall v.19

          3. creation hides herself v.20

          4. great hail storm v.21