The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 19

I. The victory in heaven begins!!!

A. Voices of victory v. 1

  • They give 5 accolades bestowed upon our Lord
    • Alleluia or Hallelujah (to praise, to adore, to set on high)
    • Salvation = deliver, to rescue, to save
    • Glory = magnificence · splendor · resplendence · grandeur · majesty
    • Honour = distinction · privilege · glory · tribute · prestige · fame
    • Power = ability · capability · potential · influence · power · authority

B. The great harlot woman is judged and avenged for slaying the saints & prophets; v.2

C. The power of pure praise v.3

D. God is worshipped by the 24 elders and the 4 beasts on His throne v.4; (chp. 4:4,6,10)

E. A message of encouragement out of the throne to praise God; v.5

     1. Many voices but one united message about God; v.6

     2. The bride is ready; v.7 (the Church is ready)

     3. The bride is allowed to wear white; v.8

     4. The marriage super blessed; v.9

     5. John forbidden to worship the angel but the spirit of prophecy of Jesus Christ; v.10

     6. The White Horse Rider vv.11-13

     7. The heavenly armies of white horses v.14

     8. Authority of the sword v.15

     9. In His thigh written KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. v.16

     10. Invitation of an angel standing in the sun. v.17

     11. The message of the angel v.18

     12. The earthly kings against the White Horse Rider v.19

     13. The lake of fire and brimstone v.20

     14. The remnant slain by the sword v.21