The Rockets Are On a Roll

After defeating the Boston Celtics at home 123-120, the Houston Rockets secured a season-high winning streak of 15 games. This puts them one win away from the second longest winning streak in franchise history and the team is 10 wins away from the best franchise record.

“You don’t really think about (the winning streak),” said Eric Gordon who scored a game high of 29 points against the Celtics. “We know we have a tough road trip ahead of us. We have a talented team. I wouldn’t doubt we could win a whole bunch more. We know we have a tough road trip ahead of us. We look forward to winning every game.”

The Rockets/Celtics matchup was a battle down to the wire. This game left many hoping this was a preview of a 7 game NBA finals showdown between the two. The combination of James Harden, the MVP frontrunner, and Chris Paul, a NBA veteran, has proven to be magic. Both players are hungry for a title and now have the pieces in place to give them a chance at just that. On the flip side we have a young hungry Celtics squad that boasts the league’s best defense led by Finals “clutch” player Kyrie Irving.

“It’s a huge step for us,” Ariza, who hit a clutch three and nabbed a steal in the final moments of the game, said. “We haven’t had many games like that this year. Tonight definitely proved to us that we can win in that style of basketball, a grind-it-out type of game.”

Though doubters continue to chirp as the Goliath-like Warriors squad looms in the shadows, the Rockets press on.