The Texans Want a Week off during the Playoffs and Their Win over the Jets Got Them One Step Closer

The Houston Texans took care of business Saturday night against the New York Jets. The Texans beat the Jets 29-22 and have moved up to the no. 2 spot in the AFC. While they did not take the title, the New England Patriots’ loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers means that they benefit from a first-round bye after winning their last two games. This marks franchise history as they have never had a first-round bye. Who wouldn’t want a week off in the playoffs?

As exciting as this is, the Texans must defeat their last two opponents, Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars, to secure a playoff berth. For the first time under coach Bill O’Brien, the team has won 10 games. The last time the franchise celebrated that feat was in 2012.

A win is a win and even though the Texans won on Saturday, it wasn’t pretty. Jets’ defense suffocated the Texans and rushing yards were hard to come by. The offensive line mimicked Swiss cheese with all of the holes which allowed for six quarterback sacks on Deshaun Watson. Watson must be protected at all costs because once again, he saved the game with a game winning 14-yard touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins.

“Thank God he’s our quarterback,” said Coach O’Brien. “He’s a great player. He wants the ball in those situations, that has always been the case with him from the time he was probably 12 years old.”

He went on to say, “We had faith in him to be able to direct it. We talked a little bit about the drive before that last drive — I said, ‘Look, I’m going to spread them out for you and see if you can see things,’ and, ‘If this happens, you have to do this — if this happens, you have to do that,’ and he was pretty much in tune with what we were saying, and then he just went out and did it. He executed it, and it was a great drive.”

This marked Watson’s fifth game winning drive of the season which has him tied for the most in the NFL. On that night, Watson completed 22 of 28 passes for 294 yards and two touchdowns. Hopkins was the recipient of 11 of those throws and caught 10 of them. He has 170 yards on the night, along with two touchdowns. A Watsons/Hopkins duo is unstoppable.