There Go the Masks!

The masks are coming off in America. They are revealing what we already knew was brewing behind the cute smiles, the becoming conversations of a post-racial era and the solid body of work antagonists. The people behind the masks are closet haters, who distribute their hate in secret rooms, through emails and via memos.

Everything we see happening are the things we have known for many years.

Lipstick on a pig does not make for a beautiful date.

You can dress up hate. You can put a hat on it. You can plaster a smile across its face. You can compel it to attend Sunday morning services. You can listen to its speeches and its sermons. You can observe its silent mockery or contrived superiority. You can watch, night after night, the breaking news run across the bottom of the television screen of yet another Black man gunned down, or another Black woman thrown to the ground for simply asking why she was being arrested. We also get to regularly witness White privilege on full display, as we see a White man, who falsified signatures on a petition, receive probation, while his Black counterpart gets sentenced to jail for committing the same crime.

What we are witnessing is not a television show.

This is real time injustice, where the masks are coming off, and we are seeing exactly what the saying, “We want our country back!” really means.

There will be some who say that those who speak out about these disparities are race-baiting.

There will also be some who dismiss the injustice we are witnessing across this nation as Blacks not obeying the rules. But you and I know what history has taught us.

Our great grandmothers and grandfathers have passed on story after story to us, of how the system was used to disenfranchise those that look like us. Our history of overcoming the evil of racism is real. Like the giants of old in our community, we must do something.

We must not remain silent. We must do something.

That something might begin with prayer, but it should not end there. We must refuse to remain silent. We must refuse to act as if what we are seeing is not happening. We must do something. There is a climate that is growing, and at times, it appears as if evil is winning and hate is prospering. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up ground.

For those of you sitting back and paying attention to the covert, deceptively hidden, yet slowly revealing, undeniable racist banter that has fueled the many horrible atrocities we have witnessed since November 2017, it’s time to do something.

It’s time to mobilize our houses and our communities to vote. It is time to vote out crooked district attorneys; vote out racist judges; replace Congressmen and Congresswomen who do not uphold justice for all, but only provide “justice” to the privileged and the wealthy.

We need our “big mamas” and our “madeas” to get on their knees and provide cover for the foot soldiers who are out here marching and participating in civil disobedience.

I, for one, am glad that the masks are coming off. When the masks are off, we know who we are dealing with. When the masks are on, the wearers of those masks cover up the fact that many of these people are mortgage bankers, baristas in coffee shops, co-owners in golf clubs, politicians in Congress and much more.

Plus, I never liked Halloween anyway. The costumes are cute, but the masks offer anonymity. I have always appreciated a fight where I knew who I was up against.

David saw Goliath for what he was; a big, ferocious, noise talking bully. It took three stones for Goliath to be taken out. One of the three stones in your hand, and my hand today, is our voting power. We must wield that stone with the same accuracy that David used to take down Goliath.

Are you ready to take down this giant of racism and hate? I know I am!