Tieasha’s Travel: Climb on Board the Mayflower Cruise Line for an Extraordinary River Cruise Vacation

Thousands of people board cruise boats each and every year, but many of them venture to destinations out in the middle of the vast oceans and seas. While those types of vacations are wonderful, there is another way to see some of the smaller parts of the world.

That option is a river cruise, and if you have never heard of them before, you are in for a delightful experience. These smaller cruise ships travel down rivers and in and out of small coves and channels, giving you breathtaking views of some of the most exotic and intimate places.

The Mayflower Cruise Line has discovered that some of the world’s rivers are better than others, and that is what made them choose to travel down those over all the rest. You can float down the Rhine and the Mosel Rivers from the Netherlands, the Mekong River in Vietnam, the Provence River in Southern France, and the Danube as you travel from Hungary down to the Czech Republic.

Of course, you also have choices over in the United States and Canada. A few of those options include riding through Cajun country in New Orleans, visiting the harbors of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and traveling the river from Oregon all the way down to San Francisco.

The best part about these trips is that you get such an in-depth experience without spending a fortune. And, if you are a first time Mayflower traveler, you get special First Time Traveler Savings when using a Certified Travel Agent! This amount is up to fifty dollars, plus your travel agent can create a payment plan for you, but the amount is dependent on what type of cruise you are taking. They also have deals where people receive savings for referring friends. Both of those savings are offered as Mayflower Money, and they are basically travel credits that are placed onto your account. That makes them super easy to use during your booking process. You may also earn additional Mayflower Money when you take certain trips.

Once you book your trip with your travel agent, all the little details are taken care of for you at no additional charge. You will speak to your travel agent in person whenever you have a question, although you probably won’t with all the information you are given about your trip in advance. That communication doesn’t stop once you’re on board either, as someone is available then, and even after your trip is over with.

As soon as you take one of the Mayflower river cruises that are growing in popularity, you are never going to want to travel any other way again. After all, your accommodations are right on the ship and your transportation is taken care of as well. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights!

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Tieasha Waddy is an author and the owner of Tie’s Tours and Travel, resides in Houston, Texas and works as your friendly travel agent and wedding planner who loves sending travelers from all over on memorable journeys that are budget friendly, stress-free, and most of all–fun!