Tieasha’s Travel: Vacation in Style with Holland American Cruise Line

The Holland American Cruise Line has been taking travelers like yourself out on the water for more than one hundred years. Each one of the fourteen ships in the fleet takes passengers out on more than five hundred trips every year, which means that you will always be able to find your favorite destination for the days that you can take off for vacation!

Holland American Cruise Line goes everywhere from Alaska to Canada and the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, plus everywhere in between. While individual journeys are popular, you may prefer their Transatlantic cruises or their Grand Voyages.

Their Grand Voyages will allow you to experience the history, culture, entertainment, and cuisine while you are in each port. These experiences will keep you completely immersed into the lives of the locals when you are in their area of the world, which means that you will learn as you have fun and go on numerous adventures. These trips are usually a little longer than regular cruises, and while some are as short as twenty-three days, others are as long as one hundred and thirteen days.

These ships offer the ultimate in luxury, which means that you will have everything that you can want and need while you are on board. Spacious staterooms lead to massive gathering areas and elegant restaurants that serve extraordinary cuisine at any hour of the day or night.

Children can participate in their age specific clubs, while you adults can go to workshops, fitness classes, the spa, cooking classes, and even wine tastings. You may even want to visit BLEND to create your very own wine to enjoy with your next meal.

These cruises can be booked far in advance, which is perfect for those who are on a budget for their future travels. All you need to do is put a deposit down a few days after booking your cruise and then you can make payments until it is paid in full. The only requirements are that you pay in full approximately seventy-five days prior to the beginning of your cruise.

The best part is that Holland American Cruise Line is always offering deals that will allow you to cruise with spectacular benefits that may include a beverage package, dinner at the Pinnacle Grill, reduced fares for third and fourth guests, and onboard spending money. These package deals do change, so you may find other fabulous deals when you decide to book your next cruise.

Everyone needs to experience at least one cruise during their lifetime and Holland American Cruise Line is the perfect place for you to start. Just don’t be surprised to find that you are planning your next one before your first one is over!

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Tieasha Waddy, author and owner of Tie’s Tours and Travel, resides in Houston, Texas and works as your friendly travel agent and wedding planner who loves sending travelers from all over on memorable journeys that are budget friendly, stress-free, and most of all–fun!