Tiger Woods Isn’t Finished Winning Yet

After a 5-year drought, Tiger Woods is once again a champion. At the East Lake Golf Course in Georgia, Tiger finished 11 under par at the PGA Tour Championship and was victorious. He finished 2 strokes ahead of 2nd placed Billy Horschel. Woods has been through the ringer, physically and mentally and said himself, a year ago, that he didn’t know “what [his] future holds.” Woods, after struggling with back problems, tried a number of methods to alleviate his pain. He explained, “I didn’t think I’d ever play again. When I was laying on the ground and couldn’t move for a number of months, golf was the furthest thing from my mind.’’

The last time Woods was in the news, wasn’t about golf at all. It was in regards to a DUI arrest after he’d taken a bad combination of sleep aids and pain relievers. After a stint in rehab, his future was uncertain.

Even when Woods doubted himself, there were still fans and peers in his corner. Steve Stricker, Woods’ Ryder Cup partner six times over, said, “I guess you don’t put anything past him. He’s capable of anything. I think that’s where the hope lies. Nothing would surprise you.”

“I didn’t write him off by any means. It’s neat to see him back. Neat to see him excited to play and how engaged he is, not only with the [Presidents Cup] team last year, but with the fans and with the team again this year. It’s cool to see. It’s fun to be around him and see how excited he is.’’

What Woods proved to everyone during this last tournament is that he still has winning left in him.

Woods spoke of the impact that the victory had on him, “It was just a grind out there… and I loved every bit of it. At the beginning of the year, certainly, that was a tall order. But as the year progressed, and I proved that I could play, I found a swing and put pieces together. And, I knew I could do it again.”