Vote FOR Houston Propositions A through E: The City Bonds

Houston, if we can dream it, we can do it!

I’ve never been more proud to be a Houstonian than I am today. Our city is bouncing back from Hurricane Harvey because of the kindness and generosity of our people. Our optimism is fueled by grit and a dogged determination to build a city that will provide a brighter future for all our kids and all their kids.

We have challenges ahead of us as we dig out from Harvey, but we can do more than one thing at a time – and do them all well.

That’s why I am asking all Houstonians to join me at the polls and vote FOR the City Bonds, Houston Propositions A through E.

Please go vote right now. You can vote early through this Friday, November 3. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.

If you have any questions about voting, you can visit our campaign website at or call the campaign’s Voting Hotline at (346) 970-1019.

Here’s what you will see on your ballot:

Proposition A: Pension Obligation Bonds

Proposition A is the final piece of our pension reform plan that protects retirement plans for police, fire and municipal workers – without raising taxes. It allows the city to pay off $8.2 billion in pension liabilities over thirty years and protects taxpayers by capping the city’s costs.

This is a must-win for our city. If Proposition A fails, Houston would be forced to pay an additional $1.8 billion to its pension systems. We could see layoffs of 2,200 police officers, firefighters and city employees and the potential closing of health clinics, libraries and community centers.

When I ran for mayor, I promised to tackle our pension crisis and protect our retirees. We are so close to finishing the job – so please go vote for Proposition A today. Let’s finally fix this pension mess so we can focus on rebuilding our city.

Proposition B: Public Safety Improvement Bonds

Proposition B will provide $159 million to upgrade aging police and fire stations and replace outdated safety equipment. Recently, I rode with one of our police officers and he was driving a police car made in 2003. You can’t catch criminals in a 14-year-old car.

Proposition C: Parks Improvement Bonds

Proposition C will provide $104 million to upgrade and expand parks, sports fields and other recreational facilities, including renovating neighborhood playgrounds and replacing aging playground equipment. Our kids deserve better than rusted playground equipment.

Proposition D: Public Facilities Improvement Bonds

Proposition D will provide $109 million to renovate aging community centers, health clinics and other public facilities. Our neighbors have been waiting for some of these projects for 20 years. The Sunnyside and Alief Multipurpose Centers will be completely rebuilt.

Proposition E: Library Bonds

Proposition E will provide $123 million in funds to rebuild dilapidated neighborhood libraries and to make repairs such as new roofs. When I was growing up in a family with limited means in Acres Home, the public library was my ticket to travel the world through books. Today’s neighborhood libraries, of course, are very different. But they matter as much to our neighborhoods now as they did then.

So that’s it. There are five bond propositions and we need them all. And let me be crystal clear: NONE of these bond propositions will require a tax increase. Not one of them.

Let me tell you what was on my mind when I put these propositions on the ballot. My mom, God rest her soul, raised nine kids in a two-bedroom house in Acres Home. She supported us by cleaning rooms at the Rice Hotel. She managed her money responsibly so all of us could have a better life than she did.

Well, I believe cities need to be responsible with their money too – so that all of our children can have their chance for a better life and a brighter future.

That’s why I put the City Bonds on the November 7 ballot. And that’s why I am asking you, respectfully, to vote FOR Propositions A through E. Thank you.