Watch List

I have finally done it. I’ve joined the ranks of citizens who watch ‘The Walking Dead.’ It was not an easy task by any means. In this day and age, to fully experience a show in its entirety with no spoilers it has become necessary to avoid all human contact, social media, and the Internet. Though I painstakingly isolated myself to the best of my ability, my limited but necessary human interaction resulted in spoilers. Ah well…I tried. In spite of the spoilers, I still enjoyed the show which is currently on its 7th season. Actress Danai Gurira plays Michonne, a sword wielding survivor and she has quickly become my favorite character on the show. I refuse to be one of those people who ruin shows by saying too much so I will end it by saying it’s worth the watch.

Though the Netflix original ‘Black Mirror,’ is in its third season, I am still on season one.  This is a re-imagining of ‘The Twilight Zone’ in that all the episodes are independent of each other like short films. In the second episode of the first season,“Fifteen Million Merits,” you are introduced to actor Daniel Kaluuya who delivers a fantastic performance.

If you aren’t the binge-watching type and are waiting on your “Favs” to air, here are a few shows you might want to check out in the meantime: NBC’s ‘This is Us’, FX’s ‘Atlanta’, and HBO’s ‘Insecure.’ Stay tuned….