While Nine Is Fine, Houston Texans Want the Whole Shoot and Shebang of the AFC South

Following Sunday night’s win against the Cleveland Browns 29-13, the Houston Texans are on a nine-game winning streak. While another win on the books is cause to celebrate, the Texans have their sights set on higher goals. Specifically, a fifth title for the AFC South Division.

Texans safety Kareem Jackson explained, “That’s what we want to do. That’s one of our goals as a team. We put ourselves in a great situation to win the division, so we gotta continue to keep going. We’ve got to continue to keep getting better.”

How exactly can the Texans improve and get better? None other than Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson offered up his assessment of the teams play thus far. “We still haven’t played our complete three phases of complete game,” Watson said post-game. “Offensive side, we want to continue to turn some of those field goals into points, touchdowns.”

Watson went on to say, “It’s real good having the defense bring the energy and we complement them. And special-teams is there for both sides, offense and defense. But for us to be able to try to improve each and every week as a team is very important. OB (Bill O’Brien) always preaches that. This is an improving league and the best team that improves at the end of the year is usually the team that has the momentum and has the advantage sometimes. So that’s what our goal is; to continue to improve.’”

JJ Watt agrees that they can improve on ‘complementary football,’ “We can continue to get better for sure. I mean, we’ve done a good job complementing each other and when one side needs to pick up the other side, we’ve been doing a great job of it. I think we can do an even better job. We can continue to grow and get even better and get us all three on the same page on the same game. Then you become, you become something, that something that needs to be reckoned with there. But I think we’ve been doing a good job. I think we can continue to improve it.”

The team is hyper-focused on a division title and refuse to get swept up into the bait of a winning streak. “You can’t take the cheese,” Coach O’Brien said. “In this League, if you start taking the cheese on nine in a row, which is fantastic, you’re going to be in a world of hurt. It’s a very humbling League.”

The team is ready for a real run deep into the playoffs which means every week counts.

Texans will host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at NRG stadium. Stay tuned.