The Working Mother’s Solution to Child Care: Taking Kidz Places: An Early Childhood Educational Jewel in Our Community

It’s 4:45 p.m. You’ve been on the go all day, crossing a nice chunk of things off of your to-do list. Feeling productive, you’re closing up for the day, putting final touches on an e-mail; and just as you’re about to pack away your laptop, your boss walks in with some new information they’d like to discuss before you leave for the day. Here’s where the beads of sweat begin to form…There’s no way that you can rightly refuse, but experience has taught you that every 5 minutes you’re delayed, easily adds another 15 minutes to your rush hour commute.

A common workplace annoyance for many can be disastrous for those who have children in daycare, because you are faced with the added stress of a looming six o’clock deadline and the prospect of extremely high late charges that begin to accrue once the clock strikes 6:01 p.m.

Addressing that very issue was one of the catalysts behind how the company Taking Kidz Places (TKP) was started by husband and wife team, Tony and LaSonja Henderson, back in 2006.

The Hendersons started Taking Kidz Places as a transportation service, and it has since grown into a full-scale child care solution. They currently operate a 24-hour child care center in Shadow Creek Ranch’s master planned community; and in 2016, they acquired a new facility in Missouri City and started the U MATTER LEARNING CENTER, which allowed them to return to Missouri City and help provide child care and jobs to the community they both grew up in.

Through the years they have expanded their services to meet the needs of single parents, students, busy moms, and working families by providing 24-hour child care services, drop-in services and back-up care to help lend a hand in the work/life balancing act.

The 8 a.m.-5 p.m. workday is quickly becoming a thing of the past as industries shift and the needs of corporations expand. TKP specializes in providing flexible solutions for families in need of care outside of standard child care hours, and their doors are open 24 hours, seven days a week, when others are closed. The unique and flexible options at TKP provide a solution for corporate moms, as well as medical workers, firefighters, police officers, retail workers, and working students whose jobs and lives demand availability outside the traditional child care hours of 6 to 6. Working mothers use their services to return to school and work extra shifts; and families use their services for back-up childcare and date nights.

It is estimated that the childcare industry will continue to progress through 2020. With women comprising 74% of the workforce, child care will continue to have a measurable impact on their success and TKP has increased their offerings to help employers and families. With flexible child care, more women are free to pursue jobs as nurses, firefighters, policemen or any other job that requires availability outside of traditional child care hours. By utilizing TKP, the working mother can work the extra time they need to handle all of those important matters that must get done. With TKP, a working mother can have it all and they are ready to help.

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